Thanks so much. I have already had a customer that just purchased from me call and say he saw the article on La Florida and loved it! Another women called and said it captured who we are!Regards,
Gay Landreth
La Florida Coastal Properties

I am a huge fan of the Thirty-A Review. It is always interesting, exciting and relevant. Thank you for coordinating such a great magazine and making it available to the readers.

We live in Troy, Alabama, but make our way to 30-A about six times a year. In fact, I look forward to getting the new issue this weekend.

One more question, if you're based in Atlanta what made you start publishing an editorial for 30-A? Great idea, for sure!

– Jennifer Senn

"Had to put down my copy of the 30-A’s Finest Dining Review and contact you. Wow. I absolutely love this magazine. Someone who delivers publications to our chamber dropped it off and I am thrilled to know it is available. We just finished our first ever Destin Area Restaurant Week sponsored by the Destin Area Chamber of commerce and I am thrilled that we had several of our member restaurants participate from 30A. Our membership in that area is growing monthly and we certainly have visitors each day who come in and inquire about that area.

So I just wanted to put the magazine down for a moment and tell you what a beautiful job you are doing with this publication. It looks like it is a special to the Thirty-A Review Magazine, which I certainly would love to read as well. I hope you have many more successful editions of these magazines. They are certainly an asset to this area."
- Sandi McClanahan Destin Area Chamber of Commerce

"I am a big believer not only in advertising but also in 30-A Review. I think it is probably the most widely read publication in this area."
- Vickie Miller; owner of Magpies Jewelry in Seaside

I have visited Seaside and Watercolor several times and picked up a copy of your magazine last year. I am planning to a trip again this summer and was wondering if you could send me your spring and summer issues of Thirty-A Review. It's a great magazine and I really enjoy looking through it before a trip so I can find out about the new restaurants and shops in the area! Thanks,
- Kelley Paul, Bowling Green KY

I just wanted to commend you for the recent issue of the Thirty-A Review. My husband and myself are homeowners in WaterSound (we bought the “Idea Home”/Southern Living home) and we love the area. Just last week, I had my parents here visiting from Germany and we picked up your magazine! It’s great – please keep up the good work.
- Andrea Taylor, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

"At the beginning of each month, when the Thirty-A Review came out, or was redelivered, I saw a distinct incline in my business. Women came to my store (sometimes with the Thirty-A Review in hand) from Destin, Blue Mountain and other 30-A locations, thus proving that my store could be a "destination" shop, with the help of advertising in the Thirty-A Review!! Thanks Miles!"
- Mary - owner, Azul Boutique, Carillon Beach

"I have really enjoyed the last 2 issues and reading about businesses that I have always frequented but didn't know some of their history! As well as the new faces that I didn't know about. You are going to do great down here!" - Lynn Dugas, owner of Patchoulis

"Business has been absolutely crazy and I certainly owe that to the add, as well as the article written by Shar Peters. I spoke highly of your publication at our merchant's meeting yesterday - we were talking about advertising in different publications and what has worked well, etc. Next year Iwill commit to a larger advertisement!" - Donna Pelous - Shabby Slips

"I just discovered "The Thirty-A Review" while having lunch today in Grayton Beach. LOVED every article as I know so many of the people and places you wrote about. I am an Atlanta transplant to Santa Rosa Beach living south of 30-A as of five years ago. Thank you for a great issue. I'm going back to pick up a few more tomorrow to send to family and friends. Best wishes from Paradise!" - Susan Breeden, Santa Rosa Beach

"THANKS MILES! I love my ad! It made my summer! - Tanya Cauley, The Sugar Shak, Rosemary Beach

"Great Letter from the Publisher! I loved it! You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for everything!" - Kelly Thumel Frohsin, CFP®, CIMA Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner - Morgan Stanley

"Great job. The second issue is even better than the first. I love the cover. Thank you for a thoughtful and well-researched story on Alys Beach. I think it's the best thing yet written about the community. I enjoyed working with you." - Lynn Nesmith - Public Relations - Alys Beach

"I thank you so much for having your magazine everywhere. As a client of yours it is big for me to know you are reaching people with your magazine. My brother was getting his car worked on yesterday in Lynn Haven and another person waiting was reading the Thirty-A Review! What a small world and good to know it is getting around." - Bobby Johnson, Realtor

"We think the 30 A Review is one of the best new magazines. We find it informative, exciting and the layout attractive. We have had great response from advertising and can't thank you enough for all your assistance. We look forward to continued success with your magazine. Thank you." - Kathy Silk & Wil Donelson,  Kathlenns Kottage

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